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Feeds from popular blogs selected by Katy Telling, Ph.D student at William & Mary, and Joseph M. Adelman, Assistant Editor, Digital Initiatives

Uncommon Sense - the blog

Uncommon Sense - the blog

The Georgian Papers Programme (GPP) is a 10-year transatlantic collaboration to digitize, share, and interpret more than 425,000 pages relating to the Georgian period (1714–1837) from the Royal Archives and Royal Library at Windsor Castle. The ultimate goal of the Programme is to provide a unique digital resource that is both readily accessible to members of the public and capable of sophisticated manipulation by researchers in any discipline, and to offer academic and public programming representing f

Witchcraft in New Spain

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Women at the Center

Since its completion in 1818, John Trumbull’s “Signing of the Declaration of Independence” remains one of the most recognizable paintings among Americans. Commissioned by Congress with the intent of housing it in the United States Capitol, Trumbull took several creative liberties t...

Clements Library Chronicles

Randolph G. Adams Director of the Clements Library, J. Kevin Graffagnino, comments on the importance of history in our society. I speak at a lot of historical events, where I’m preaching to the choir. However, I also speak to civic and business groups like Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Chamber of Comme...

Nursing Clio

One of the wearying inevitabilities of 2018 was that even the most cursory glance at the news was likely to bring you a fresh tale of sexual assault — in politics, the entertainment industry and, closer to home for me, academia. Much of the resulting commentary was almost as jarring as the new...

Black Perspectives

*This post is part of our online forum organized by Drs. Charisse Burden-Stelly and Crystal Moten titled “Researching, Teaching, and Embodying...

The Junto

Call for Papers for The Age of Revolutions in the Digital Age...