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Doing History

We are delighted to announce collaboration between the Omohundro Institute and Liz Covart of Ben Franklin’s World. Each month in 2016, Liz will devote the last show of the month to “Doing History: A Podcast Series about How Historians Work.”

Liz will interview scholars about how we frame historical problems, research in different kinds of archives, analyze primary materials including text, objects, and images, synthesize and critically engage secondary literature, present our work for collaborative feedback, and work with editors and publishers. She’ll be looking at what it means to present historical work in different contexts, including as teaching material, as published text, and in a public history context. She’ll be asking questions about different approaches to understanding the past, including the literary and the genealogical.

Liz has made Ben Franklin’s World into an important platform for discussing scholarship with historians; past episodes have featured scholars such as Joyce Chaplin, Kathleen DuVal, Eric Foner, and Alan Taylor. You can download the series via the iTunes store or your preferred podcast provider.