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Doing History: Arguing Biography

· October 23rd, 2018 · 2 Comments

Today’s post accompanies “Considering Biography,” episode 209 of Ben Franklin’s World and part of the Doing History 3 series. You can find supplementary materials for the episode on the OI Reader app, available through iTunes or Google Play. By Michael J. McGandy I am an editor, I admit, who is wary of biography. When a… Read More »

Digital Paxton expands

· July 10th, 2018 · No Comments

The following is a report from William Fenton (Fordham University), recipient of an Omohundro Institute Digital Collections Fellowship and founder of Digital Paxton, a digital archive of more than 1,650 open-source images related to the 1764 Paxton pamphlet war. The Digital Collections fellowship program is funded by the Lapidus Initiative. by William Fenton When I set… Read More »

Lester J. Cappon and the history of the OI

· July 6th, 2018 · 2 Comments

July 6, 2018 As Ben Franklin’s World fans already know, a special additional episode of the show downloaded today just for subscribers. In this special episode, the history of the Omohundro Institute is brought to life through a look at the work of former OI Director and William and Mary Quarterly Editor Lester J. Cappon.… Read More »

Why be a joiner?

· June 26th, 2018 · 1 Comment

by Karin Wulf Why be a joiner? Don’t make me pull out that de Tocqueville quote about the importance of voluntary associations in civil society. Besides, it’s not necessary to quote a tourist in early nineteenth-century America to observe a truism: organizations bring people and their talents together. The Omohundro Institute has a single mission:… Read More »

On “slow history”: Decolonizing methodologies and the importance of responsive editorial processes

· March 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

Christine DeLucia, author of “Fugitive Collections in New England Indian Country: Indigenous Material Culture and Early American History Making at Ezra Stiles’s Yale Museum” in the January 2018 edition of the William and Mary Quarterly  reflects on the broader implications of making a “simple” change to her recent article. by Christine DeLucia It wasn’t quite a “stop… Read More »