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Uncommon Sense - the blog

Uncommon Sense - the blog

Today's post is from Josh Piker, Editor of the William and Mary Quarterly.  There are certain little things about the Quarterly that I will never be able to change.  Some of those—like the journal’s cover—I wouldn’t change if I could.  Of course, Karin Wulf has made it very clear that, forced to choose between the journal’s cover and its Editor, she would start crafting language (“….must appreciate the elegant simplicity and historical resonance of…”) for the job ad seeking my

Course of Human Events

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By Emily SneffOne of the most popular Thanksgiving-related myths in American history is the notion that Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey as the national symbol of the United States, over the bald eagle. This story gained popularity in November 1962, when the New Yorker featured a cover illust...

Age of Revolutions

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By Noelle Plack Wine and revolution are key aspects of French national identity and they certainly became intertwined during the upheaval of 1789. Alcohol and its consumption were central to eighteenth-century French society at all levels.  The popular classes drank in taverns and wine shops, whil...

The Republic (SHEAR)


In today’s post, former SHEAR president Harry L. Watson, who is the Atlanta Alumni Distinguished Professor of Southern Culture at the University of North Carolina, reflects on the recent presidential election and its connection to the Early Republic. In the aftermath of the recent presidential...

U.S. Intellectual History

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Benjamin E. Park is an assistant professor of history at Sam Houston State University. He studies the cultural, religious, and political history of America between the Revolution and the Civil War. This post originally appeared on his personal blog here. […]...

The Junto


How much should we engage with students on the social media apps that they used? This semester, Honor Sachs experimented with using Snapchat, and reports her results....

Past is Present

Past Is Present

A few weeks ago, a post shared the final cut of a short film depicting a young Isaiah Thomas learning about the legal indenture that bound him to his apprenticeship. As explained in the post, that film is part of a larger project that aims to create an interactive educational website inspired by AAS’s one-man […]...



Megan Kate Nelson at Historista reports today on her recent gallivanting at the Southern Historical Association.  She says that because she’s an independent scholar and gets all of the solitary writing time she wants, she “needed to be a part of some vigorous academic conversations more than I needed a swim in the ocean. And … Continue reading Roundtables: when they’re good, they’re very very good; but when they are bad they are horrid...