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Uncommon Sense - the blog

Uncommon Sense - the blog

by Karin Wulf Over the life of the Omohundro Institute, the staff here in Williamsburg produced resources with the aim of helping scholars to navigate the early American field. Like the Carnegie Guides I discussed in a previous post, these inevitably reflected a contemporary understanding of “the field” as well as the communication capacity and technology of the time.  A 1983 volume, The Early American Historian’s Travel Guide, was designed to give scholars “practical information on forty-

Georgian Papers Programme


Professor Matthew Head, Department of Music, Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies, King’s College London This brusque memo in the hand of George III is a smoking gun. It is addressed to one Josiah Bates, a naval administrator, antiquarian musician and Handel-enthusiast who directed the epochal pe...

Spitalfields Life


Zara Anishanslin, author of Portrait of a Woman in Silk, Hidden Histories of the British Atlantic World published by Yale University Press, profiles Anna Maria Garthwaite, the most celebrated textile designer of the eighteenth century. Readers are invited join the Zara Anishanslin next Wednesday 25...

Course of Human Events

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THIS day was published, and is now selling by Robert Bell, in Third-street (price two shillings) COMMON SENSE addressed to the inhabitants of America, on the following interesting SUBJECTS.I. Of the origin and design of government in general, with concise Remarks on the English constitution.II. Of M...

Age of Revolutions

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By Michelle Chase In the early hours of January 1, 1959 Cubans were stunned by news that the revolutionary movement led by Fidel Castro had toppled reigning dictator Fulgencio Batista. Cuban silkscreen artist Eladio Rivadulla, known for his movie posters, was woken by an early morning phone call fro...

The Adverts 250 Project

Carnan Advert

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? “SKATES, OF different sizes.” Hubert Van Wagenen sold a variety of goods – from “Ironmongery and Cutlery” to textiles and “sundry sorts of other Dry-goods” – at his store “at the Golden Broad-ax” in New Yor...

The Junto


Guest poster Todd Burst looks at the nineteenth-century illegal slave trade through the Digital Library on American Slavery and the "Race and Slavery Petitions Project" at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro....

Past is Present

Past Is Present

In 1858, John Woodhouse Audubon, son of John James Audubon, set out to recreate the success of his father’s work Birds of America, published in 1838 with four hundred large, hand-colored engravings. John Woodhouse partnered with lithographer Julius Bien and the publishing firm of Roe, Lockwood & Company to create a less-expensive set than the […]...